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Poster PONg Design


In the collaborative art game known as Poster Pong, everyone in a large group receives a piece and designs a word for the piece. I worked with other designers to create this design series. The goal of the game is to design a digital poster with a secret word given from the group leader. Then another person will receive the art file, unknowing of the word, and try to design a text on the piece that they believe is the word.


For my design Process I was inspired by screen printing and had just learned recently how to create halftones. My word was "Listen" but my partner guessed the word to be "Sound". I felt that the posters wavy design background and halftone images really represented sound through the headphones, ear, eye, and mouth all reflecting aspects of listening.


For the person I was designing for, I tried to match their art style by making my typography 3D. Their word was slab roller, but I guessed rolling paper because I thought it was some sort of paper press at first. They thought my interpretation of the word was hysterical.

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