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I love Loom Book Design


I Love Loom is a book I designed about Adrian Frutiger and his typeface creation known as Avenir. My book design was inspired by Swiss art and weaving patterns based upon Frutiger's earliest inspiration, the Jacquard Loom. The colors I chose were based off of Swiss design with a little more vibrancy and a simplified color scheme. After I finished the design of the book, I printed and carefully assembled it.


 I spent time examining the Avenir type family (left). I loved how clean and geometric this san serif font is. I used type styles such as 55 Roman, 45 Book, and 65 Medium. One unique character of this font I really love was the letter "Q" with its horizontal tail along the baseline of the letterforms (right). 


This is the colophon page Process. In the beginning of developing my book I created rough sketches to get the sense of the layout and element placement in the book (left). In the finished colophon page (right), the main text content of the final design was placed on the left side and resized down to allow the blank page to be the final page of the inside of the book. 


For the colors of my book I originally started off with many different colors, however after doing a color study I found this color scheme to fit better. The scheme consisted of red, yellow, blue, and black with a better disbursement and placement of the colors. 


The assemblage of the book consisted of meticulous folding, trimming, scoring, and gluing together. The book cover was printed on 60lbs. paper and the inside pages were printed on 32lbs. paper.


To download full copy click image on the right.

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