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Spectr Booklet.png

For this project, I explored experiential design by creating a fictitious event concept. For my event I designed a horror themed escape room known as Spectr. I created a whole conceptual branding series which included the logo and its applications as well as creating 3D models of the event structure itself. 


To figure out my event direction for this experiential design exploration, I made a few sketches of my logo to get a feel for what I was going for.  


I decided to go with a purple and black color scheme to match the horror theme. I modified the font Gotham to incorporate horror aspects. 


I made an Icon and pattern series that would be applied in different areas of the event structure as well as a brochure guide that was made.


For my imagery I created these inverted duotone images. One of them is used on back wall of the event. 


Here is a banner pole design that could potentially be used to promote the escape room. I used the patterns on some of the sides. 


For a wayfinding object I implemented a kiosk concept. The kiosk design would navigate guests to areas such as the bathroom and escape room entrance or the concession stand. 

Event Room-Current View.png

For my building design I wanted it to be dark to match the scary atmosphere. This is a front view of the entryway.  


The building is approximately twenty feet high. I created elements such as the entrance sign and bathroom doors with signs all in 3D. 


Other 3D details you can see are the tables with food items and the concession area. I also added lighting around areas like by the doors and under the concession window. 

Event Room 3-Current View.png

Here is another angle of building, the glass was used to show interior of building but could potentially be used as a wall too. 

HQ 2-Current View.png

Here is an environment placement concept of the concession area.

Backwall copy.png
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