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East to west Design


In this client project, I designed a whole branding system for their plumbing business. This includes a brand logo and its many applications. East to West provides plumbing and HVAC services to any Californian in need of maintenance and remodeling.

To see the East To West Brand Style Guide click button.

Sketch 2.png
Sketch 1.png

The clients’ ideas were to have something reflect a compass and have a retro aspect to the logo. So, in my early rough sketches I was inspired by plumbing objects such as faucets and knobs as well as compasses.  


These are a few of my early typographic rough concepts I made. I had designed over 200 different explorations experimenting with inline type styles and custom extrusions.  

Early Color Study-05.png

My early concepts for the logos were based off three different style approaches for the compass. I had a more modern compass design, more beach inspired compass design, and a retro styled compass design. Later on, I started to lean towards the retro style and do a color exploration.

Asset 1.png

While studying my colors and typography more my client suggested using some modern typography with the retro one. This pairing looked quite pleasant. I based my colors off of copper pipes and patina rust. 

Asset 3.png
Asset 1.png
Asset 2.png
Asset 4.png

For my final logos, I made a main horizontal one with mark, a typographic one, wavy one, and an emblem one. 

Asset 3.png

When I designed these sets of patterns, I wanted to have aspects of the logo represented in each series. I have a compass pattern, line pattern, and typographic pattern. 


For my imagery, I chose images that represent the different values and components of the East to West Business. For example, I chose the family photo to represent the family-oriented values the business has. The photo series are color overlays, grayscales, and full colors.  

Asset 4.png

For my icon series, they represent maintenance, HVAC, and plumbing.


These are different angles of a van wrap concept. In this van wrap application, I went with a bolder contrasting look to bring out the colors of the brand. The compass is highlighted through the black background.  

Station 1.png
station 2_1.png

For my stationary system I decided to use the main color patina green in my designs. I also included the compass mark in various locations of the stationary items.  Here there are business cards (front and back), #10 envelopes (front and back), and invoice designs.  

Insta 1.png
Insta 3.png
Insta 2.png

For my advertisement solution I decided to go with a social media approach. I designed a series of marketing imagery that would be best suited for Instagram. 

Website Mock Client 2.png

After observing other plumbing business websites, I decided to design a more simplified website concept with a five-section navigation that’s easy for visitors to utilize. To view the full website prototype, click here


Finally, for this branding application I incorporated the logo into these promotional items. I designed a compass to be handed out as well as a hat. I also designed these coveralls for the plumbers to wear. 

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